Why you'll love solar skylights and blinds ?

Author: Helen

Dec. 15, 2022


Skylights have the power to completely transform your interior, so make sure you invest in products that will upgrade your home and experience. You can't go wrong with energy efficient options either. The benefits of solar skylights are making today's homeowners reconsider what they thought they knew about naturally lit ceilings - which is why these products can add sparkle to your space!


Fresh air and light conditioning


Fixed skylights naturally illuminate your home, but operable skylights can do this and more. Open them to air out the house and freshen up the air - you might be surprised how much of a difference you can feel! Dust and pollutants build up indoors and indoor air quality is often much worse than outdoor conditions. The truth is that we should ventilate our homes every day, but hardly anyone does so. The use of operable skylights in the home helps to facilitate this process as they work in conjunction with open windows to create a stacking effect; warm air rises naturally and escapes through the skylight, while cool air is drawn in through the windows. Solar models make this easy - they open with the push of a button!

 skylight solar panel

Speaking of blinds, yes, they are also made for skylights and can be powered by solar energy and controlled remotely. Integrated blinds are a huge improvement - use them when you want to sleep in, reduce glare in the middle of the day and reduce solar heat absorption to keep your home cooler in the summer. With a wide range of types available, you can furnish each space to your liking. Consider using blackout shades in bedrooms to keep them dark and cosy, and light filters in living spaces to keep them bright and welcoming. Skylights don't always have to be 'open' - fit them and make your home as comfortable as you see it.

Inherent efficiency


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The beauty of solar skylights is that they don't need to be connected to the house to operate, which makes them perfect for new construction, renovations and more. Each skylight has its own individual solar cell to charge its internal battery, and the average roof receives enough sunlight to recharge the system even with regular use. So you don't have to draw any power from the grid and certainly no higher electricity bills to enjoy the convenience of a functional skylight.


Having a skylight also reduces the need for electrical lighting, so if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, add some! Look for skylights with excellent energy performance as you don't want the heat transfer between internal and external conditions to affect your HVAC and lead to higher bills. Newer models are more efficient than models from decades past thanks to improved glass coatings and construction, and blinds can add more insulation and help block heat. Solar skylights and shutters are also eligible for federal tax credits, resulting in savings on product and installation costs. If you are interested, be sure to act quickly because with the current program you can save 30% by 2019, 26% by 2020 and 22% by 2021.


Reliable construction

The benefits of fixed skylight operation are already covered, but what about other types of operation? Solar models offer the best solution because they don't consume any electricity - remote controls powered by batteries don't lose their functionality during power outages - and they are smart enough to work on their own. If the weather turns, they can turn themselves off and you don't have to worry about giving commands or turning them off manually. This self-sufficiency is exactly what most of us want and need.

 skylight solar panel

Solar sunroofs are always designed to ensure reliability. While you may be impressed by the fancy, don't forget to check out the overall construction of the product. gain solar is a carbon neutral solutions specialist company founded in 2007 that provides green materials for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Gain Solar BIPV products include solar curtain walls, solar glass, solar roof tiles, wall panels, greenhouses, railings and more. These systems feature frameless modules, concealed mounting and homogeneous surfaces and can have the appearance of any material or colour.

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