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What is a gap bed lathe?

Dec. 27, 2022
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A gap bed lathe is a type of lathe that has a gap between the headstock and tailstock. This gap allows for longer workpieces to be machined, as the gap allows for the workpiece to extend beyond the bed of the lathe. Gap bed lathes are typically used for turning and machining large or long workpieces, such as pipes, shafts, and spindles. They are also commonly used for tasks such as threading, drilling, and boring. The gap bed design allows for more flexibility and versatility in machining operations, as it allows for a greater range of workpiece sizes to be accommodated.


Gap Bed Lathe Machines are rigidly constructed and designed to make big cuts in hard materials. With many options available in chucks, steadies, digital readout, taper turning, tool posts, tool post grinders these machines can undertake any job. CE & CA Marked.

Haven supplies a wide range of heavy duty gap bed centre lathe machines in bed lengths up to 10 meters and diameters up to 1,600mm which gives us the ability to supply you the lathe you need for your job. Give one or our engineers a call to discuss your turning needs.

Our Gap Bed Lathe Machines are very cost effective and efficient, Haven features a compact design, giving super rigidity, the spindle is high rigidity and accuracy, the design of the main drive is optimized and the gears in the headstock are precision ground, the noise of the machine is low. Each Gap Bed Lathe Machine is rigorously inspected for seamless installation in your shop.

To learn more about our Gap Bed Lathe Machine, please contact us. We also supply Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Mechanical precision shearing machine and so on.



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