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What are the advantages and disadvantages of car roof top tent?

Apr. 16, 2022
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What is a roof tent?

A roof top tent is a tent placed on the roof of a car. Unlike tents that are placed on the ground for outdoor camping, roof tents are easy to install and use. They are called "home on the roof" and are now popular all over the world. A variety of off-road, SUV, station wagon, MPV, sedan and other models have a suitable roof tent. With the development of rooftop tents in the past few years, more and more new products appear in everyone's view, from streamlined appearance to lightweight have been significantly improved. This has effectively increased the convenience of travel go now.


What are the types of car roof tents?

There are currently three types of car roof tents for sale: the first is manually unfolded, you need to do it yourself to build the tent, ladder placement, but the internal space of the tent will be larger, you can also build a large space under the ladder next to the car enclosure, used for washing clothes, bathing, put the seat to rest, outdoor picnics and so on, very practical, the price is also the cheapest.

The second is driven by the motor fully automatic roof tent, open and put away are more convenient, generally within 10 seconds can be automatically completed, high-end upscale, but also to avoid the trouble of handy tent, save a lot of energy and time.

The third is the helicopter type automatic roof tent, the biggest difference with the second is to open and put away faster, the roof is generally all fiberglass material, put away the roof is very neat, occupying little space, looks most simple and beautiful, but the space is also the smallest, does not provide more shade.

Advantages of Roof Top Tent

The Roof Top Tent has many unparalleled advantages and is therefore popular among camping enthusiasts. For camping enthusiasts, as long as they have a rooftop tent, they are not limited by their itinerary from now on. They can "camp" anywhere, anytime, without having to look for a hotel, and save a lot of money on accommodation. With a car tent, you can not only enjoy picnics, barbecues, enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also lie in the car tent at night to watch the brilliant starry sky; but you can also wake up in the morning, enjoy the sea breeze and mountain breeze, fully enjoy the charm of camping click.

Roof tents are made of high-strength fabric and metal structure. Most of the rooftop tents are tested against wind, rain and sand. It even has a warm compartment. A roof tent obviously saves more space in the car, carries more luggage, and can sleep more family members or partners. What's more, the "high up" roof rack also effectively prevents snakes, insects, rodents and ants from infesting the car.

Disadvantages of roof tents

Of course, the disadvantages of the roof tent are also obvious. Due to the weight of the car, the wind resistance will increase after installation, thus increasing fuel consumption. Secondly, roof tents are now generally more expensive, it is not convenient to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, and you must pay attention to safety when going up and down the ladder.


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