5 Minutes to Take You Through Combi Oil Seals.

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Sep. 05, 2022

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Combination oil seals have come to the forefront of sealing components due to their durability and longevity. It is often used to seal agricultural machinery such as tractors. (Honglei(KDIK) shows you various COMBI oil seals and await in your inquiry.)


What is a Combination Oil Seal?

An oil seal consisting of two or more loose parts can be called a combination oil seal. Most common and simple combination oil seals are made of steel and oil resistant rubber. The two loose parts can complement or work together to make the most of the material's own characteristics and improve sealing efficiency.


COMBI Agricultural Tractor Hub Seal


What are the characteristics of COMBI oil seals?

1. The COMBI oil seal consists of a common oil seal and a secondary seal, which mainly prevents the entry of external contaminants.


2. The COMBI oil seal has a spring at the lip of the seal.


3. COMBI oil seals have a dustproof lip.


4. COMBI oil seals are mainly used in environments with high contamination.

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5. When subjected to large rotational or translational movements, it is preferable to use it instead of a cassette type combination seal.


6. COMBI oil seals have the distinctive features of combination oil seals: long life and resistance to wear.


7. COMBI oil seals are optimised in terms of the position of the sealing lips and dust lips, and are particularly resistant to contaminant ingress.


8. COMBI oil seals are often used in the driving part of moving parts of agricultural and industrial machinery.


COMBI oil seal


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John Deere Oil Seal

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