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What is the emergency treatment method for the failure of the wheat flour milling plant?

Dec. 23, 2022
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Complete wheat flour milling plant as the favorite of flour processing factories, the use of the milling plant is more frequent, and the more we use the machine, the more problems will show up if you do not pay attention to maintenance. What we can do while the the flour mill plant suddenly shut down, and influence the normal operation of our machine. Do not panic, take the necessary emergency response. Here we will introduce you the emergency responses when failure happens.

Steel Structure Wheat Flour Milling Plant


  • The wheat flour process machine windshield issued abnormal sounds, which has a great relationship with the windshield compliance, because the flour processing machine welding process is rough, the edge of the small windshield edge is inconsistent, the assembly often with the rotor end caused by friction.

  • Electromagnetic sounds. Divided into two kinds of high frequency and low frequency. It may be that the angular position of the axial iron core is not well conformed, the internal core is poor, and the rotor outer diameter processing is inconsistent. This is usually done by replacing the rotor with the wearer and can eliminate such problems.

  • The motor emits a loud and heavy sound.

  • The air gap between the stator and the rotor is not uniform. At this time, the sound sometimes high and sometimes low, and the interval between the high and low frequencies is not changed. This is caused by bearing wear that makes the stator and the rotor misaligned.

  • Three-phase current imbalance. This is the reason that the three-phase winding has a faulty ground, a short circuit, or a poor contact. If the sound is tedious, it indicates that the motor is heavily overloaded or missing phase operation.

  • Loosen of the iron core. During the operation, the motor loosens the fixing bolts of the iron core due to vibrations, causing the silicon steel sheet of the iron core to loosen, causing noise.


In daily use, we should not only learn how to deal with sudden failures, but we should also learn how to maintain wheat flour milling plant. After all, good maintenance is an important prerequisite for ensuring the service life of flour milling equipment, and it is also a better way to reduce the chance of failure.

  • Always check the bearing temperature, if the temperature is too high, you should check whether the lubrication and transmission parts are normal, the rolling distance is too tight and so on. Identify the cause in a timely manner and take corresponding measures. If the situation is serious, check the machine for downtime.

  • Often check the tightness of the belt, the belt is too loose will reduce the transmission efficiency and affect the grinding effect, too tight will easily lead to bearing heating, increase power consumption, reduce the service life of the belt.

  • All kinds of transmission parts must be fastened and reliable, disassembly or installation should use special tools, prohibit direct hammer and other tools to hit.

  • Regular and orderly change the roller, the roller can not be replaced too much at the same time, the diameter of the roller can not be too different, the angle of the roller, the slope, the number of teeth to be consistent with the provisions, to leave a certain tooth top plane . The taper of the light roller should be accurate and meet the specified requirements, and the surface roughness should be uniform. After changing the grinding roller, it should be checked with a feeler gauge according to the requirements of each system mill, and the rolling distance should be roughly adjusted.

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