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What is a Security Fence?

Dec. 24, 2022
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A security fence is simply an enclosure that prevents unauthorized access to a home, business or property. What makes it different from a privacy fence, though?

Keep in mind that no fence is intruder-proof. Given enough time, a motivated bad guy will find a way to breach your defenses. Rather, a security fence is intended to deter the average baddy and slow or frustrate the truly determined ones. The right fence and features will determine how successful you are at deterring and frustrating these miscreants.

Characteristics of a Good Security Fence

These are the features you should look for when shopping for security fences. Keep in mind that your specific needs and personal aesthetic come into play as well. 

In general, however, a security fence must be:

Concealing, or Transparent

There are benefits to a fence that blocks the view of your property from the road. Security fences that obstruct a passerby’s view prevent bad guys from getting a good look into your home and your valuables. 

On the other hand, a fence that obstructs a bad guy’s view into your property also obstructs your view of what’s occurring outside your property. This can be an advantage to stealthy intruders or thieves. In some cases, you may be better served by a see-through fence like chain link or wrought iron. Bad guys often lose their nerve if they think they’ll be spotted. No, a see-through fence doesn’t offer the privacy you desire, but it’s a trade-off that some safety-conscious homeowners are willing to accept.

Which one is best? Both have advantages. It depends on your property, your security aims and more.



When it comes to fence security, the taller the better. A dependable security fence is usually at least six feet high. The taller the fence, the more difficult it is to scale. 

Hard to Climb

Speaking of being difficult to scale, a decent security fence will be vertically oriented, meaning there won’t be many horizontal bars, rails, or other footholds that make it easy for trespassers to climb. 

If you do have horizontal railings, the spaces between them should be narrow enough that intruders can’t use them for climbing. If you decide to install a chain link fence, residential versions have smaller holes that make it difficult for climbers to get a good purchase. 

Of course, any fence that features spikes or points on top may also deter climbers. No one wants to be impaled in the act of trespassing.

Difficult to Cut or Breach

Intruders determined to get onto your property will look for weak spots, gaps, and scalable sections. If your fence isn’t flush with the ground, someone may be able to sneak under it in certain places. Be sure to fortify these areas. 

In addition, damaged fencing can present opportunities for intruders to break through, go under or slither through openings. Check your fence periodically and make necessary repairs without delay.

Outfitted With Locks

All gates should have locks. Whether the lock is mechanical or self-latching, you’ll want to ensure that strangers can’t easily reach through openings in the fence and unlock it themselves.



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