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What is a rubber bellows

Dec. 20, 2022
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Rubber expansion joints or rubber bellows are mainly used to absorb noise and thermal movement and remove equipment such as diesel engines, cooling water pumps, condensers, cooling equipment and their connecting pipes. Due to their high degree of flexibility, they can also compensate for minor installation differences. Rubber inserts are available as metal expansion joints to compensate for axial, lateral or angular movement. Without any other gaps for expansion, the rubber tubular membrane protrudes under pressure. The length of the compression thrust varies with the shape of the bellows, but the forces involved are so great that the compression thrust must be calculated by multiplying the cross-sectional area by the maximum pressure. To prevent the bellows from unfolding, these rods must be installed or the pipe must be securely secured.

Scrapers are used especially in sealed environments, for conveying liquids, sludges and gases, for mechanical connections and for making electrical contacts. These bellows are durable and flexible. These bellows are cylindrical containers that are easily compressed and stretched due to the multiple looped turns. Rubber bellows are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, constructions and elastomer coated fabric or rubber to suit any specific application.


Types of rubber bells

These are molded rubber products made from different types of polymers:

Ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPM, EPDM)


Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Features of rubber bellows

Then it's cryogenic: used in cryogenic systems to process gases at very low temperatures.

Flange: This is an accessory used to connect the bellows to equipment or pipes.

Hermetic Seal: Sealed for high and low pressure applications. For liquid or gaseous media.

Medical Qualification: Provides a high level of wastewater treatment.

Neck: Tubular length, extending from the end of the accordion

Vacuum Classification: This involves applying a vacuum at a very high level.

Application of rubber bellows

These bellows are often used as covers for parts that need to be protected from dust.

These bellows are flexible and have good damping properties.

They come in different shapes and types, depending on the purpose of the accessory.

Rubber expansion joint

Rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors made of natural or synthetic elastomers and metal-reinforced fabrics designed to reduce stress on piping systems due to thermal changes.

Expansion joints are an ideal solution when flexibility of movement cannot be engineered into the piping system itself. Rubber expansion joints compensate for lateral, torsional and angular movements, avoiding damage and unreasonable stops of plant operations.

The special design of the rubber seal can solve the following problems:

Vibration, noise, shock, corrosion, wear

High work pressure and team turnover

Vibration, pressure pulsations and movements in piping systems



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