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New Launching Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Hose Clamp

Dec. 26, 2022
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1. What is Hose Clamp?

A hose clamp is an accessory that attaches onto a hose fitting such as a nipple or barb. The intent of these devices is to help seal and stabilize any hose configuration. Ultimately, clamps help to stop moving fluid from escaping from around a configuration. They do this by creating equal pressure all around and preventing gaps for internal fluids to exit that might otherwise cause a dangerous leak.

Sometimes hose clamps are synonymously referred to as hose clips or hose locks.

2. Applications Hose Clamps are Used For?

There are numerous applications that hose clamps can be used for. Commonly, they’re used in the automotive and agriculture industries. Basically, these tight bands are heavily versatile, and many people use them as a more permanent version of duct tape.

3. What type Hose Clamp do Hebei Trico Supply?

American Type: Common Type, Handle Type, Heavy Duty Type


Germany Type: Common Type, Hanlde Type

British Type and Other Type : Blue Head British Type, Rubber Lined P Clamp, Strut Channel Clamp, etc.

We are metal hose clips manufacturer.



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