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Myths on How to Become a Pro Scooter Rider

Jun. 15, 2021
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Maybe you are a fan of professional scooter riders and want to become one of them. Then, you will have to deal with misconceptions about the pro riders and the sport. These are some of the misconceptions that may stop you from becoming a pro scooter rider.

Five Myths About Becoming a Professional Scooter Rider

1. It is Natural Talent

Most people who watch this sport think that to become a professional player, you should have talent. Although it does help, just being at the top level is not enough. Even professionals know that it takes a lot of determination and dedication to make it. In any case, if it is easy, everyone will become a professional. Riding a stunt scooter will not make you a professional overnight. This requires practice and effort.

As we all know, most people have talents, but they will never become professionals. The reason for this is that they are not ready to become professionals. As for whether you can go up, it's up to you. Therefore, you must continue to learn from others. That's because some drivers have some skills you can learn. Even if you are an ordinary person, you should not be discouraged. Instead, you should use it as motivation and practice to get better. You can only succeed if you have a good attitude and determination.

2. You Do Need a Nice Scooter

You might think that you don't need a good scooter and equipment to become a professional rider. No matter how talented you are; you will not always compete with professionals. Your chances of winning will be small. If you check, you will find that professionals use top-notch scooters and high-end equipment. There is no excuse. If you want to be successful in this sport, you need to have the right equipment.

3. A-Pro Can Do Any Trick

If you are a beginner, you might think that a professional stunt scooter rider can complete any given trick. However, this is not the case, because the skills are endless. For example, doing a backflip is the most difficult, but it is one of the most popular movements in extreme sports. To become a professional, you don't have to do this. You can do other tricks and get sponsors without having to perform a backflip. That's because you don't have to do certain stunts to get sponsorship. Professional scooter riders really focus on the skills that make them stand out.

5. A Pro Must Have Multiple Scooters

There seems to be a misunderstanding of professionals that they carry multiple scooters with them. Sponsors do not provide multiple scooters, and professional riders do not own or carry them. Sponsors usually provide the main scooters and parts for repairs. This is what professional drivers will carry with them. 

For various reasons, it does not make much sense for professional riders to carry multiple scooters. One of them is the space it requires and the fact that it would be uncomfortable to carry multiple scooters. The second fact is that it is best to practice on a scooter and really master it.

If you are serious about the sport and want to progress and become better, the following list of things you must keep in mind! 

The Keys to Progress as A Professional Scooter Rider 


You need to focus on riding a scooter. If you want to progress quickly, you need to go to the park every day as much as possible. When you are in the park, you have to ride hard instead of sitting there and watching other people ride. Remember, practice makes perfect. 


You got to have a good attitude. If you can't land a trick thats ok, dont get discouraged and give up. Not landing tricks is part of the sport. Try it again a different day. 

▋▎Huck it

You got to be able to just huck it. The best way to learn a trick is to just pratice, pratice, pratice it. If you fall, get up and go for it again. The riders who progress the fastest are the riders who just huck stuff and try everything. You can't be afraid to get hurt or fall down. 

▋▎Have the right equipment

If you have been a super professional with worn wheels and no grips, then you will have a harder time improving than someone with Clover. Have equipment that can help you succeed and continue to be a rider. This also applies to safety equipment. If you want a mouthguard because you feel you want to grind your teeth, buy one and wear it. The same is true for knee pads, helmets, etc. 

From thousands of names, we enlist only 10 top scooterists in this list. Now we will focus on those who have shown their talent and skill in this field. 

Best Scooter Rider List in The World


☆ Dakota Schuetz

Dakota Schuetz is the world professional and well-known scooter rider from America, born in March 1996. 

He is a 3-time world champion in the ISA Scooter Championship. Dakota is the one and only player to gain a victory in all leading international championships. 

★ Ryan Williams


Ryan Williams, an Aussie scooter rider, born in July 1994. The famous player once quoted, “I have been riding for 4 years and I have enjoyed every day of it.” he has landed Double flair, Front Flip Inward Bri Flip, Backflip to Hang 5, Double Front Flip, Cash Roll,  Cork 1080, and some more. 

Brandon James


This English scooter rider attained scooting ability within only four years. He started scooter riding when he was only 14-years old. Brandon James loves street terrain. 



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